When collecting emails directly into your PadiAct account, you can send your subscribers confirmation and/or welcome emails after signing up. Find how you can send a sequence of maximum 3 emails using PadiCollector, depending on your preferred scenario.

A. Sign-up >> Email address confirmation email >> Welcome email

B. Sign-up >> Welcome email

C. Sign-up >> Email sent on a specific date (extra cost)

A. Sign-up >> Email address confirmation email >> Welcome email (sent immediately after confirmation)

Step 1. First, you need to set your subscribers list as double opt in. This means subscribers need to confirm their subscription to your list via email before starting to receive your emails.

To do so,  click on “Manage collected subscribers” on your campaign page in PadiAct:


Then, find the list you wish to change and right underneath its name, change the List type to “Confirmed opt-in (confirmation required)”:


Save the changes to reach the list’s page again.

Step 2. View and customize the confirmation email. On your list’s page, find and click on the “Customize landing pages” link:


On the next page you can customize the content of the email your subscribers get after subscribing on your website, as well as the content/ URL of the page they see after successfully confirming their email address:


After you’re done with the confirmation email customization, you can choose to end the emailing to your users here, by opting for “Do nothing” below, in the “The confirmation email they get” and skip Step 3.

Step 3. Set a welcome email after confirmation

To send a welcome email after subscribers confirm their email addresses, on the same page select the type of email you want them to get, text or HTML and start customizing it:


Save all changes and that’s it! Your subscribers now get both confirmation and welcome emails!


B. Sign-up >> Welcome email

If you want to send your subscribers just a welcome email after they sign-up, go to your list’s page and first find the “Customize landing page” link:



After this, choose the email format of the welcome email, customize the content and everything else you may need:


Hit the Save changes button and you’re done – your subscribers will start getting welcome emails after signing up!

C. Sign-up >> Email sent on a specific date (extra cost)

If you have a field in your PadiAct interaction with a date (either hidden or available to be filled in by your subscribers), you can send an mail triggered by this date. It could be the subscriber’s birthday or her anniversary since her signup.

To set up an email triggered by a certain date, go on your list’s page and find the “Autoresponders” link in the right area of the page:


Choose the way you need the email to be triggered and a name for it:



Then just follow the instructions to create your own design and you desired date trigger. Before you can activate the autoresponder, you’ll need to purchase credits that are used for sending the emails to your subscribers:


After buying the credits you can start and stop the autoresponder as you wish!

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