The sticky widget is a static invitation to subscribe to a newsletter that your visitors see on every page of your website.


Sticky widget – default style


When clicked on, the widget opens a PadiAct subscription form:


PadiAct subscription form – default style

The Sticky widget is available to all PadiAct customers, no matter their pricing plan (Free Plan included).

Is it customizable?

Yes, both content and style can be customized according to your needs.

To edit the displayed content, just go on the Sticky widget page from your PadiAct dashboard and use the editor below to change text and even add images:


To edit the style of the widget, you can choose from 3 predefined styles and 4 positions that match the style of your targeting campaigns.


Default style


Black Mail style


Good Old Mail style

You can also  create your own style from scratch, by adding custom CSS to the Quick preview and Edit interface available from the Sticky Widget page:



How do you count interactions and report them?

Whenever someone clicks on the sticky widget and sees the subscription form of the campaign associated with it, we count it as an interaction with the Sticky widget. If, on the the other hand, a user sees the interaction as a result of being behaviorally targeted according to the campaign’s targeting rules, we count and report the interaction with the campaign.

The Sticky widget activity is reported on a dedicated report page:



Got any other questions regarding the Sticky widget? Drop us a line at Support or leave a comment below.


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