In case you are a MailChimp customer, here is how you can connect it to PadiAct in order to send collected email leads directly to your subscribers lists in your MailChimp account:

Step 1

In PadiAct, select MailChimp as your email service provider. You can do this either when you are creating your first campaign or directly from your campaign settings page, in the What details do you want to ask from your email leads? section, just under the targeting rules.

Step 2

In a different browser window, log in to your MailChimp account. Once logged in, to find your API key, choose Account settings > Account > Extras > Api keys.



Down the page you will find the API keys area that looks like this if you already created at least one API key. Otherwise, you just need to use the “Create a key” button to generate one on the spot.

Mailchimp API keys

Step 3

Paste the API key inside PadiAct, under the campaign setup that you want to link to MailChimp. Click Connect and then select the list of subscribers you want to use and the details you want to ask from subscribers.

You can also choose between double opt-in or single opt-in subscription types in PadiAct.

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