PadiAct contains a built-in preview system so you can test your campaigns directly on your website, without the need to use your own testing environments such as dummy websites or sandboxes. While testing, as long as the campaign is inactive, nobody but you can see the PadiAct pop-up.

Quick preview

When you just want to quickly see how different interaction types and styles would look like on your website, you can use the Quick Preview link available on your campaign page, in the area named “Why and how would you like people to subscribe?”:


“Quick Preview” doesn’t work, what can I do?

If Quick Preview does not work for your campaign, please check if you are integrated with an Email Service Provider. For example, if you are connected to MailChimp, try to reconnect to make sure the connection is working. To be able to use the Quick Preview, you need to have a valid connection to an email service provider.

Preview campaign design

After saving the campaign’s targeting rules, you may want to preview the PadiAct entire interaction on your website, which includes both the invitation to subscribe and the “Thank you message” displayed to subscribers afterwards.

To preview your campaign’s design, use the “Preview on your website” link available in the right area of your campaign page:


“Preview on your website” does not work, what can I do?

Try clearing your browser’s cache. If preview still does not work after this, there might be a problem with the PadiAct JavaScript code added to your website. Please try to validate the JS code again to make sure that it can be found on your website. To be able to preview your campaign’s design, the PadiAct JS code needs to be added to your website.

Test campaign targeting rules (Currently not available)

Want to interact with PadiAct just like another visitor of your website but with step by step guidance on your campaign targeting rules? Then meet PadiMan, your friendly assistant, which is not imaginary :), in spite that only you can see it (as long as you are logged in).

PadiMan can be used for an active campaign at a time and it will guide you through your campaign targeting rules, until you trigger the PadiAct interaction with your own behavior. To start testing with PadiMan, find the “Start PadiMan” button in the right area of your campaign page:



After starting PadiMan, you will see, on your website in the bottom left area, information about the targeting rules on each pageview:


 PadiMan does not work on my website! What can I do?

If PadiMan is not displayed on your website, please try to delete your browser’s cookies and cache. If after this PadiMan is still not displayed, please contact us.


  1. dennis

    Is it possible to clear the stats? Not important, but just got my tests in it at the moment, which ideally I’d clear off now it’s live.

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