Sending subscribers collected with PadiAct directly to your MadMini account is easy and this article shows you step by step how to do it.

Step 1

Select MadMini as your email service provider. You can do this either when you are creating your first campaign or directly from your campaign settings page, in the What details do you want to ask from your email leads? section, just under the targeting rules:


Step 2

Next you’ll need to enter the email address used for your MadMini account and the API key provided in your MadMini account:


Step 3

After connecting, you can go ahead and select the information you want to request from your visitors along with their email address when they subscribe. The fields that you see in PadiAct were set up by you in MadMini for the selected list:


Save/Apply to website and you’re done!

You can continue to test PadiAct on your website and view the subscribers being sent to your MadMini account.




  1. Blake Hutchison


    When connect Mad Mini I get an error message “a problem occured when connecting to your lists”. As far as I can tell the email address is correct as is the API key.

    Can you please investigate?


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