In case you are a Campaign Monitor customer, here is how you can connect it to PadiAct in order to send collected email subscribers directly to your managed lists in your Campaign Monitor accoun.

Step 1

Select Campaign Monitor as your email service provider. You can do this either when you are creating your first campaign or directly from your campaign settings page, in the What details do you want to ask from your email leads? section, just under the targeting rules.


Step 2

Login to Campaign Monitor to get your API key. You can find it by accessing the Account Settings link on the top on the screen and then the “Show API key” link.


Step 3

Paste the API key inside PadiAct, under the campaign setup that you want to link to Campaign Monitor. Click Connect and then select the list of subscribers you want to use and the details you want to ask from subscribers.


By default you can only select from 2 fields, Email and Name, out of which Email address is mandatory. Any additional fields (up to the maximum of 20) need to be added first as custom fields in your Campaign Monitor account.

 Step 4 (optional)

To manually create custom fields in your Campaign Monitor account, just navigate to your List and Subscribers, choose a list and then click on the Custom fields link in the right column. Here you can add new custom fields one at a time, giving each field a name and data type. You can also choose whether to have the field visible to recipients when they edit their settings in the preference center.


After making changes to you custom fields, they will automatically show up as options in you PadiAct account just by refreshing your campaign settings page.

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