If your using AWeber to manage your email marketing, then this article is for you.

When using PadiAct, you can choose to send the subscribers collected on your website directly to your Aweber account. This article guides you step by step so you can integrate AWeber into your PadiAct account.

Step 1

Select AWeber as your email service provider. You can do this either when you are creating your first campaign or directly from your campaign settings page, in the What details do you want to ask from your email leads? section, just under the targeting rules.

selecting AWeber as ESP

 Step 2

You will see a confirmation of your selection and from there you can connect to AWeber using your AWeber username and password:


Once you successfully enter your AWeber credentials, you will be redirected to PadiAct where you can continue to set up your connection:


Step 3

You need to select the AWeber list where you want the subscribers to be sent to. You can select the same list for all the PadiAct campaigns you are running or a different list for each campaign.


All the fields that you have associated with an AWeber email list will be displayed in PadiAct so you can choose which ever you need in the PadiAct interaction.

Save/Apply to website and you’re done!

You can continue to test PadiAct on your website and view the subscribers being sent to your AWeber account.


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