Beside the predefined designs that we offer by default to all our accounts, you have the possibility of customizing the sliding and pop-up windows in a way that will be in perfect harmony with your website design.

Step 1

Log into your PadiAct account and on the campaign page, find and select the style called “Naked action*”:


Step 2

The second step is to add the following CSS rules to your website already existing stylesheets. You can also download them by following the link at the bottom of this article. By customizing the CSS rules directly on your website, you will dress the “naked action” and make it look the way you want. Go wild!

Update notice

The following HTML is the structure for the above CSS. This code is not to be posted anywhere. It is automatically generated for your website by PadiAct.

Update notice

If you want, feel free to play a little with the design before posting it on your website:

Step 2.1

If you do not have access to your website’s CSS, please send your custom CSS (made in Codepen, following the HTML strcuture above) to Support and we will add it for you from our backend.



Can I use external JavaScript to modify the template?
Most JavaScript won’t work as the DOM for the action is not built when the page loads, but after. However, based on the script that you want to use, we can help you apply it to your campaigns.

How do I use more than one custom design per account?
You can have a different design per campaign. To make sure each campaign uses the intended design, please point in the CSS to the campaign’s ID. The campaign ID number is the number you find in the preview link: ?nrlsk_trigger=xxxxx. The ID of the div that needs to be used is: #norilsk_overlay_div_xxxxxx



The HTML and CSS for the custom action have been last updated on the 1st of June, 2014. If you’ve been using the naked action before this date and wish to update it, please use the “Naked action*” available in your Styles dropdown on the campaign page.


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