By default, each time a visitor interacts with your PadiAct campaign on your website, information about the user interaction is sent to your Google Analytics account.

The following PadiAct reports are available in your Google Analytics account:

  • number of visitors asked to subscribe (label: Total Displays)
  • number of visitors that subscribed (label: Subscribed)
  • number of visitors that closed the interaction without subscribing (label: Closed)

The report can be found in your Google Analytics account (the new interface), as follows:
Standard Reporting (top menu) > Content (sidebar navigation) > Events > Overview

Click on PadiAct under the events category section and once on the PadiAct events page, click on the Event Label link, just under the chart.


We do not have access to your Google Analytics account or data, unless you specifically give us access. You can use the Google Analytics reports in order to double check the performance of your campaigns.

Advanced reports on PadiAct performance inside Google Analytics

You can create advanced segments in your Google Analytics account based on the data received from PadiAct interactions. With the new segments, you can compare the behavior of the segments of traffic interacting with PadiAct with the rest of the traffic.

Google Analytics setup for the segment of traffic that interacted with the PadiAct overlays:


Google Analytics setup for the segment of traffic that subscribed via PadiAct to your email campaigns:




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