Independently of the interaction template you choose to present to your visitors, be it pop-up or sliding overlays, the following elements can be customized:

  • Title
  • Invitation subscribe copy (label of the field: Why subscribe?)
  • Subscribe button label
  • The thank you for subscribing message (visitors get this after successfully submitting their email address)
  • The privacy info

 Customizing text

When it comes to customizing text, all characters are supported with the only exception of apostrophe: [ ‘ ]
The apostrophe character gets replaced automatically by our system with right single quote: [ ’ ]

PadiAct can be used in multiple languages as the action overlays copy can be fully customized.

Customizing HTML

All fields support basic HTML tags:

  • <b> </b>
  • <em> </em>
  • <img>
  • <div> </div>
  • <span></span>

Feel free to add inline CSS to each of the newly added HTML tags.

Note: Embedded JavaScript is not supported within PadiAct actions.


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