If your email service provider is not yet supported by PadiAct and if you don’t have resources to implement and maintain WebHooks, you can always choose to collect the email subscribers directly into PadiAct.

Once the emails are collected into our platform, you can always choose to export them or use our own platform to send email campaigns as well.

Here is a collection of FAQ for our own collecting service.

Can I ask from my subscribers for more than just email and their name?

Yes, you can add as many custom fields as needed to your form.  Just navigate to your subscribers list:manage-subscribers-padicollector

then choose the list you want to add another field to and click on the Custom fields link in the right column.


Here you can add new custom fields one at a time, giving each field a name and data type. You can also choose whether to have the field visible to recipients when they edit their settings in the preference center.


Once you define the custom fields, just refresh your PadiAct targeting campaign settings and the new fields will show up:


If you decide to send email campaigns as well, you can use the information in your custom fields to create segments in your subscribers list that you can send targeted campaigns to. This may include all subscribers who live in Canada, have a birthday in August or those who like dogs as pets.

How can I export collected subscribers?

You can export your subscribers as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file or as a tab delimited text file.

From the PadiAct dashboard click on Manage subscribers. Then, just navigate to your subscribers list under Lists & Subscribers, and click Export subscribers.

How to activate opt-in confirmation messages?

You can change the type of list at any time. By default, lists are defined as single opt-in. In order to change the settings, go to your ‘Manage Subscribers’ tab, and click through to the list you want to work with.

Click the edit list name/type just under the list’s name link to access the page where you can change from single to confirmed opt-in, or back the other way.


Can I send email campaigns directly from PadiAct?

Yes, you can. However, there is an extra cost associated of $6 per campaign and $0.012 per recipient.

It’s a fully featured platform, including A/B testing email campaigns, segmentation, personalization, advanced tracking and reports.

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